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The Norwegian Jazz /Neo-Soul vocalist Maiken Kroken presents her first single on May 3rd. In a cool and sophisticated way she combines a heavy back beat, with elements of jazz, hip hop and electronic music. The song "Waiting For The Weekend" is the first of two singles from her EP that will be released this fall. Stay tuned to follow this years new releases. A musical landscape where Maikens silky smooth vocals meets a fresh musical backdrop produced by keyboard wizard Ivan Blomqvist

Single release on
May 3rd

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Maiken Kroken & Alexander Rybak - Thank You
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Maiken Kroken & Alexander Rybak - Thank You
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All Together Now Norge | Underholdningsvogna får med dommerne på Kursiv av Trang Fødsel | TVNorge
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The HITSTERs Splitter Pine - Sommeråpent 2016
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